Monday, January 4, 2010

jan 2010 games

Guys posting only 3 games... 3310 plays them smoothly.

1. Creed 2 - ended at easy mode
2. Earned Blood - ended at easy mode
3. 3d Asphalt - extremely different from previous post - completed 55% career

Next post after 15 Jan in the month of January.

To know how to install visit

There are chances to announce themes in end of january. Themes similar to Fireworks and sensory that are preset in mobile.

Currently enjoy these games.
Click to download Creed 2

Click to Download earned blood

Click to download 3D asphalt - different from previous ones

Click here to download all in one file

Enjoy. And do comment when you end these games...... More games coming in mid january.. Fully tested - ended games.