Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 SWF wallpapers(same from nokia e71)

Hello guys
Though i called off any new post. But I got 3 swf wallpapers , simple and sober but yet good enough to share.


Hope you enjoy!
And another news about 3310 is that an new cousin 3310I is there with good features like recycle bin, INDIAN languages and more.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Java Mobile Torrent

Here is the Mobile java torrent client , like utorrent.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Games - summer post

It's a late post. Got reasons for that.
Here are the tested and completed games. It's very easy to find games on net. But testing it and finding the best at 3310 is our work.

Before that please note that this post will get 10 games. Post will be updated as soon as new games are added. So don't forget to see the page later on for new games in successive series.


You will forget mid night pool. It works best with 3310 if you know the controls. On my way to end kings of kings supercup. Challenge section is great if you know how to pot 2-3 balls in single shot and position the cue ball for next.

Use key 1 to over view table
* to hit the ball at different angle
6 to rotate the table
8 to change up/down view

It is a boon for those who love pool.

Download 3d Pool


Another game like robocop in bio hazardous area . Interesting. You can find the details on net.
Download Biozone


It may look that this is game for kids. It's tricky at different levels. Has a total of 45 levels. I got struck at some level-had to search on internet to end the level-got to know that thousands of people play this game-addictive yet simple and tricky at some levels.

Download bubble town2


A tough game indeed
Download Die Hard 4



Best for cricket lovers. Got every shot for every button(1-9)
Has some other version like t20 20. WIll post it soon

Download link for cricket


There are new versions of this game with lot of good visuals. But game throttles and is not enjoyable on 3310. The 2007 is good to play with good graphics.

Football Link


It's good game if you know the controls and apply strategy!
Easy at starting... Hard levels are quite good to play.

Download link for basketball


nice game with switching when king kong plays and when the counter humans(from the movie) play.
Link to download king kong


From the concept of movie/serial Heros.
Nice game.Download link to G9-heros


download Link for 3D-river

******-----*****----- 10 games in 1 File Download-----*****-----*****

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New firmware ringtones

There is new firmware released for samsung GT-S3310. There is nothing drastic change in the OS. Only minor changes. Regret to inform that there are Some new bugs introduced in the new firmware.

Thought to upload ring tones that were introduced in this new firmware.
Download new ring tones delivered with new firmware ----Click here----


Monday, January 4, 2010

jan 2010 games

Guys posting only 3 games... 3310 plays them smoothly.

1. Creed 2 - ended at easy mode
2. Earned Blood - ended at easy mode
3. 3d Asphalt - extremely different from previous post - completed 55% career

Next post after 15 Jan in the month of January.

To know how to install visit www.3310goodies.blogspot.com

There are chances to announce themes in end of january. Themes similar to Fireworks and sensory that are preset in mobile.

Currently enjoy these games.
Click to download Creed 2

Click to Download earned blood

Click to download 3D asphalt - different from previous ones

Click here to download all in one file

Enjoy. And do comment when you end these games...... More games coming in mid january.. Fully tested - ended games.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Assassin's creed java

Hello Friends! As promised , i am uploading few but quality games.
The 2 games are
1) Assassin's Creed
2) Brothers in Arms

Both game's response time on Samsung gt-s3310 is good. If you think it is miss behaving at any mission or chapter , treat that you are not able to play because of your own instinct.

I have ended both the games.
Do post comment when you end both of the games.

Both games are available to you seprately and in pack: Links and screenshots are as following:

Download link for Assassin's Creed Only
Download link for brother's in Arms only
Single Download Link for both the games

Enjoy and do comment when you end both the games!!!!

I have added a new feature to the blog. Subscribe by sms! If you want to get informed of new post , then add your number to the right hand side panel.

Monday, November 23, 2009

November fully tested game pack samsung s3310

Fully tested games. Do add your e-mail address in right corner
Mr. Ankit gave a code *#08# & *#09# to quickly switch on bluetooth
Hard reset code confirmed and tried. *2767*3855# --> after that it asks for phone password

Here is the link for November tested game pack.
or Click Here

Mr. R GUY gave huge games. Will test and post soon. Now since you people know how to install, how to search for games i will not post regular games. The best 5 games per month will be posted along with best 5 applications.

Yes you can use s3310 as webcam. Search for java mobiola and search its cracked version. Will try first and post it too. Just time shortage.

regarding deleting locked sounds --> there is no solution till now.
regarding deleting locked games --> select and delete games from etc/java.locked games --> delete all games

regarding changing the Bluetooth save location on mem card. There is no solution till now, have to research. Will post the updates soon.

Will soon follow concept of posting single game with screenshots. so that you are clear of what you are downloading. Just give time.Consider ,this is as the last pack. now per game post. But the games will be the best.

More codes will be compromised after December 28.
And just to tell you way2sms.com provides free sms in india. Try it is a good site.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali Pack - apps pack 1,2,3

Following applications run successfully on samsung 3310. I have added 3 big files catagorizing them into offline and online. online pack needs active gprs connection as apps are gmail, orkut, opera, yahoo go! etc.

If you dont know how to install, visit www.3310metro.blogspot.com

List of Apps
Diwali Offline Pack 1 contains:

2. INDI SMS (you can send sms in 8 languages including punjabi, gujrati,bengali,hindi and others)
3. PDF VIEWER ( can open .pdf files on your phone.)
4. Rar VIEWER (opens .rar files on your phone)
5. doc VIEWER (its a bit unstable)

All applications of pack 1 are tested. You can download each files separately or in 1 pack. Mirror of pack is available but mirrors of each file is not there.

Offline Pack 1

Offline pack 1 MIRROR

Individual Links are:


Offline Pack 2 Details

Files in offline pack 2 are also tested on samsung 3310. These are:
(its not fully working but you can make the most of it according to your needs. It schedules the time of message to be sent and sends it automatically.)
2. The GITA
(fully functional)
(I found this tool very handy. It also tells the city alloted to mobile numbers. But a bit incompatible. You can check only 1 number. To seek details of another number , you need to restart this application. Read the text file in this app folder.
4.A Game
5.Student secretary

All the files can be downloaded in Offline Pack 2 , the mirror of offline pack 2 : Click here

Individual links of each file are as following


4.Yahoo Go!

Online Pack 3 Download Link
Online Pack 3 Link 2(mirror)
Individual links of respective files are:


And you can now subscribe to mailing list. just see the right sidebar. Add your email address there if you want to get informed of new content posted regarding Samsung 3310


Wish you Happy Diwali!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Living theme wallpapers - Pack2

Pack 2 is good than pack 1. Still combi of best from both the folders will be posted next weekend. Do leave comments!

Link: http://www.ziddu.com/download/6678887/Pack2Livingthemes.zip.html download here

Please note that you need not to use TK File Explorer to install themes. Infact don't use the word install for themes.
Simply copy the files to your memory card or phone and opt for "set as wallpaper" for the required file. Treat Animated themes as wallpapers. This goes for animated themes.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

EA Games Mobile Need For speed , pack of 5

Pack Contains Mobile Game Vesions of:

1. Need For Speed Most Wanted
2. Need For Speed Carbon
3. Need For Speed UnderGround
4. Need For Speed ProStreet
5. Need For Speed SHIFT*

http://www.ziddu.com/download/6652763/EANeedForSpeedpackof5.zip.html or Click Here

To report problem mail at spnsrj0@operamail.com


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Animated Wallpapers

There are 185 wallpapers (animated)

Some show time ,some imitate iphone, some changes their vicinity according to time of day and operators signal stregth, some show battery levels.

Best 5 animated living wallpapers will be added soon. Till then adjust with these 185 wallpapers

Kindly choose yourself. i will upload another package of few and the best wallpapers.
Among these 185 , do post best 10.!!

link1: http://www.ziddu.com/download/6629733/livingWalpapers.zip.html
or Click Here

Please note that you need not to use TK File Explorer to install themes. Infact don't use the word install for themes.
Simply copy the files to your memory card or phone and opt for "set as wallpaper" for the required file. Treat Animated themes as wallpapers. This goes for animated themes.


3310 games from gameloft

These are Single Player Games only. To know , how to install visit http://3310metro.blogspot.com/

Link: http://www.ziddu.com/download/6627694/Games.zip.html or Click Here

If link fails mail me at spnsrj0@operamail.com