Thursday, September 24, 2009

Animated Wallpapers

There are 185 wallpapers (animated)

Some show time ,some imitate iphone, some changes their vicinity according to time of day and operators signal stregth, some show battery levels.

Best 5 animated living wallpapers will be added soon. Till then adjust with these 185 wallpapers

Kindly choose yourself. i will upload another package of few and the best wallpapers.
Among these 185 , do post best 10.!!

or Click Here

Please note that you need not to use TK File Explorer to install themes. Infact don't use the word install for themes.
Simply copy the files to your memory card or phone and opt for "set as wallpaper" for the required file. Treat Animated themes as wallpapers. This goes for animated themes.



kala bharath said...

please provide alternate links the ziddu doesnt seem to be working at all, the download rate is damn slow 3kb/s and hangs after few secs

Anonymous said...

great job i like your work but i think ziddu link has sometimes doesnt work properly

shivam said...

ya ziddu is not working and i cant dowload tese wallpaper plz give ther website................

Anonymous said...

these are in swf na...does s3310i support flash files...