Monday, November 23, 2009

November fully tested game pack samsung s3310

Fully tested games. Do add your e-mail address in right corner
Mr. Ankit gave a code *#08# & *#09# to quickly switch on bluetooth
Hard reset code confirmed and tried. *2767*3855# --> after that it asks for phone password

Here is the link for November tested game pack.
or Click Here

Mr. R GUY gave huge games. Will test and post soon. Now since you people know how to install, how to search for games i will not post regular games. The best 5 games per month will be posted along with best 5 applications.

Yes you can use s3310 as webcam. Search for java mobiola and search its cracked version. Will try first and post it too. Just time shortage.

regarding deleting locked sounds --> there is no solution till now.
regarding deleting locked games --> select and delete games from etc/java.locked games --> delete all games

regarding changing the Bluetooth save location on mem card. There is no solution till now, have to research. Will post the updates soon.

Will soon follow concept of posting single game with screenshots. so that you are clear of what you are downloading. Just give time.Consider ,this is as the last pack. now per game post. But the games will be the best.

More codes will be compromised after December 28.
And just to tell you provides free sms in india. Try it is a good site.


harsh said...

i wanna use my fone s3310 as cam but i did not find the cracked version of it so plzz help me by upload, link of it and how to install it on fone n on PC ..
also how to use it.

Anonymous said...

*o8# and *o9# codes to switch bluetooth on and off dont work in my s3310.
reply asap
however the hard reset code worked!-august 8th 2010

Anonymous said...

hey the codes- *08# and *09# are wrong
the right codes are *#08# , *#09# and *#05#
-august 13th 2010(im d same guy)

Jagmeet Singh said...

i have made the correction. sorry for inconvenience

Raghu said...

I got some problem with the samsung s3310 i got only bluetooth to connect my phone to PC and i tried to browse the phone using TK file explorer but shows nothing can any body solve this issue

C P Pandey said...


S3310 does not run TK file explorer via bluetooth, you need a cable for that

Rohan said...

i had successfully install games as well as themes on my phone . but somebody tell me from where i can download the.sty themes, because those themes posted on blog such themes are prepared in phone . i want such theme like nokia sony phone which changes phone icon