Thursday, June 24, 2010

Games - summer post

It's a late post. Got reasons for that.
Here are the tested and completed games. It's very easy to find games on net. But testing it and finding the best at 3310 is our work.

Before that please note that this post will get 10 games. Post will be updated as soon as new games are added. So don't forget to see the page later on for new games in successive series.


You will forget mid night pool. It works best with 3310 if you know the controls. On my way to end kings of kings supercup. Challenge section is great if you know how to pot 2-3 balls in single shot and position the cue ball for next.

Use key 1 to over view table
* to hit the ball at different angle
6 to rotate the table
8 to change up/down view

It is a boon for those who love pool.

Download 3d Pool


Another game like robocop in bio hazardous area . Interesting. You can find the details on net.
Download Biozone


It may look that this is game for kids. It's tricky at different levels. Has a total of 45 levels. I got struck at some level-had to search on internet to end the level-got to know that thousands of people play this game-addictive yet simple and tricky at some levels.

Download bubble town2


A tough game indeed
Download Die Hard 4



Best for cricket lovers. Got every shot for every button(1-9)
Has some other version like t20 20. WIll post it soon

Download link for cricket


There are new versions of this game with lot of good visuals. But game throttles and is not enjoyable on 3310. The 2007 is good to play with good graphics.

Football Link


It's good game if you know the controls and apply strategy!
Easy at starting... Hard levels are quite good to play.

Download link for basketball


nice game with switching when king kong plays and when the counter humans(from the movie) play.
Link to download king kong


From the concept of movie/serial Heros.
Nice game.Download link to G9-heros


download Link for 3D-river

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